Paris PADFAS celebrates 20th Anniversary

Chairman Terry Quinn, Lady Rickets, National Chairman Jill Makepiece-Warne

Paris PADFAS special visit to the Residence of the British Ambassador 

     As the final event in the celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of the creation of PADFAS, our Honorary President, Lady Rickets, wife of the British Ambassador, kindly invited members of PADFAS to visit the Residence, the former Hotel de Charost, 39 rue du Faubourg St Honoré  on Tuesday the 4th of November.

     The year 2014 also marks the 200th Anniversary of the acquisition of the Hotel de Charost by the British Government as the residence of the British Ambassador in Paris. The house was originally designed by Antoine Mazin (c1679-1740) who was also involved with the building of the Hôtel Matignon, now the official residence of the prime minister of France. It was built between 1722 and 1725 for the duc de Charost. In 1803 the house was sold to Pauline Leclerc, Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister. When the First Empire was proclaimed in 1804, Pauline became an imperial Princess and the Hôtel de Charost became the centre of a small, but fully-fledged court. In 1814, the hôtel de Charost was bought by the Duke of Wellington, newly appointed British ambassador to France. The house thus became the first embassy building purchased abroad by a British government.

     The visit began with visits to the House and was followed by a reception. To mark the occasion a donation to the Embassy charitable fund was made.