Osnabrueck BRIDFAS Celebrates the Queen's 90th Birthday

Osnabrueck BRIDFAS celebrates Queen’s 90th Birthday 

In spite of the Brexit shock and the devastating hailstone storm that had ravaged the gardens the day before, an impressive number of Bridfas Osnabrück members turned up for the tea-party on June 25th held at the home of their chairperson to celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth. The somewhat subdued mood soon dispelled under the influence of one or two Pimms and the resounding, exhilarating music from the bagpipes played by a Scots piper in full regalia.

Tea and a wide assortment of British cake-bakes and biscuits were being enjoyed when the mystery ninety-year- old guest appeared. Speculation had run rife but now all was revealed. A well-preserved lady of world-wide fame and excellent character arrived at the entrance – a 90 year-old Tin Lizzy driven by the director of the nearby Veteran Car Museum, who also happens to be a long-time member of Bridfas Osnabrueck.

This international gathering to celebrate the British Queen is a strong affirmation of the deep-rooted ties forged within this mainly Anglo-German society. With the support of Nadfas they will survive and continue to thrive in  spite of, or even because of, the impending severance between Gt. Britain and Mainland Europe. Nadfas has a vital role to play here in fostering international understanding and mutual appreciation as this celebration testifies.

Brenda Teschke – Chairperson Bridfas Osnabrück