Osnabruech BRIDFAS Special Evening - Happy and Glorious

Osnabruech BRIDFAS Lecture - Happy and Glorious

 ‘Happy and Glorious, a thousand years of English Coronations’ was the subject of our Bridfas lecture on 12th November, our special contribution to the many local events celebrating the 300 years since Georg Ludwig of Hanover succeeded to the British throne.

Happy and glorious, too, were the one and a half hours we spent captivated by Barbara Askew’s compelling discourse on the long history of English coronations from Edgar to Elizabeth II.

 She illustrated with great clarity how the established use of the regalia and the royal oath which has always limited the power of the monarch - thus preventing any form of absolutism- has led to a continuity of tradition through the centuries which has probably safeguarded the British form of Constitutional Monarchy up to the present day.

Barbara also gave us an indepth review of the Guelph dynasty and the path of the Georges to the British throne, with some humorous accounts and anecdotes of their foibles and misfortunes.

 Her final conclusions on the monarchy today brought home to us the sense of dedication and fulfilment of her destiny which everyone so admires in our present Queen.

We were delighted to welcome our Mainland Representative, Jane Choy, to our lecture, at the same time regretting that Dr. Susanne Tauß of the Osnabrücker Landesverband was unable to attend. Our greatful thanks are due to her for her support under the auspices of ‘Süße Früchte. Schwarzer Tee’.