Osnabreuk BRDFAS celebrates with Pimm

A happy,`Pimm’s Happy Hour in Osnabrück’
After some serious pre-testing by Bridfas members prior to opening their Pimm’s Happy Hour stand at Schloss Gesmold on its British Open Day on 14th June, it was agreed that the Pimm’s mixture was potent enough to offer to the public. Here in Osnabrück, Pimm’s popularity has rapidly taken hold, it being ‘very British’ and served at many events connected with the 300 years Personal Union of Hanover and Great Britain.
This occasion proved no exception and visitors and Bridfas members, glass in hand, then joined up to listen to Howard Gater Smith’s humorous and informative look at ‘Britain’s German Heritage’ before the rain brought the Happy Hours, but not our happy mood, to a close.