Nerja DFAS introduce an online arts quiz and art history timeline

As part of its on-going development, our Society in Nerja, Spain have introduced an online arts quiz and an online art history timeline on their website.

The quiz is a new project to let you test your knowledge of art and it's in private and there is no record of your score.

Visitors to the site will be presented with ten paintings (or photos of sculptures). For each picture, which is chosen at random, you have to choose the artist from an offering of 5 names. When you're ready, click on the check answers button to see how well you did. This will show which of your answers are correct and which are incorrect. You can keep on trying and checking for as long as you want. There's also a button to show you all the answers, and another to load a fresh set of pictures.

The quiz must come with a warning! It is highly addictive!

The timeline is a very useful feature for anyone wishing to know where different artists 'fit in' in a historical context. Clicking on an artist's name opens a window which gives their dates, a self-portrait and useful links to find out more.

We look forward to seeing what further developments Nerja DFAS come up with.