Nerja and Costa del Sol DFAS Societies visit Holland

In April members of the Nerja and Cpsta del Sol societies visited Holland bringing lovely weather with them to brighten the tulips. Coming together, the two Societies jointly organised two identical, consecutive tours of Amsterdam, The Hague and Delft for their Members.  The tours were much enjoyed by both groups of travellers.  With the weather mostly on their side, the renovated museums, the special exhibitions on Rembrandt and Matisse, the Indonesian rijstafel dinner with an appreciated lecture on Mauritshuis and much more, the tour programme was rated spectacular. The guides, Helen Sisjling and Wim van Hornsveld made the tours extra special by sharing their deep knowledge of their country, its culture and its art with humour, attention to detail and warmth.  

One of Costa del Sol DFAS Members, in her thank you note, wrote: “...what a sensational trip - one of the most enjoyable NADFAS trips we have been so fortunate to join. We loved and enthused over everything, the venue, the museums/exhibition choices, the imparting of such in-depth knowledge. We had a very good friendly mix in the group.  It was the best, a very, very big thank you…”.  Praise indeed!