Costa del Sol Young Arts Project

Costa Del Sol's Chairman reports on a Great Success!

The ADIMI exhibition was magical. It was priceless to see the faces of the young artists and their parents when they saw the colourful paintings and drawings on the walls.  Their delight and pride was heart warming.  The place was so full you could hardly move.  Everyone thought it was a spectacular exhibition. Happy faces all around.   Some visitors asked if the paintings were for sale!!

One of our members had dressed up in a chef's outfit and prepared the most delicious looking snacks.  The young ones took up residence around the table and finished the lot.  Perfect.  It was their day after all.  The rest of us had cava and soft drinks. 

We sold more than half of the greeting cards, so I know the rest will be sold at our May lecture and at the official inauguration of the new centre.
in May to which our ADIMI team is invited.  The sale of the cards will raise 600€ for ADIMI.    
Local press and TV covered the event and the Mayor came.  He thanked us for our support of ADIMI .