Costa Del Sol DFAS visits Malaga

Costa Del Sol DFAS Art Appreciation group visit Málaga 

16 Members from the group met in Málaga for a visit to CAC Málaga to view the recently opened exhibition “Circle of Animals – Zodiac Heads” by the controversial Chinese artist/political activist Ai Weiwei. As there were no guided tours for this exhibition in English, Yvonne Sjokvist gave a brief talk about the artist, his work, the exhibition and the cultural significance of the Chinese Zodiac.

At the Thyssen Museum we saw the new exhibition: “Artists’ Posters: From Toulouse-Lautrec to Jeff Koons. On the way to the Thyssen, we will walked through a newly renovated area called Soho taking in some of the most interesting Urban Art murals. Judging by the comments received afterwards, the day was a great success.