Benahavis DFAS, antiiques Road Show with Eric Knowles - Full of Surpirses

Benahavis DFAS, Antiques Road Show with Eric Knowles - Full of Surprises!


When Eric Knowles was booked to do an Art Deco lecture, we couldn't miss the opportunity of asking him to do a BDFAS Antiques Roadshow.

Amidst the many interesting objets d'art presented for his attention, was this beautiful dish (left) brought by Laraine.    A small object worth large amount and great gasps were heard from the audience when Eric gave his valuation - much to her amazement.

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Many thanks to Terry Wayne, Partner Blevins Franks, for generously sponsoring this event.     Terry and Carole also had a hidden treasure in their attic which they hoped would provide for their retirement!

Eric also proved to have a great sense of humour and entertained everyone with his  tales of the BBC's version of the Roadshow.  Altogether a great event.